Tips for Sellers

We know you want the most money for your property within the shortest possible time and with little or no hassle. For this to be accomplished, vendor and sales associate must work together

Pricing and presentation are critical for this to be achieved.



A property that is priced at market and shows well will always get the best offers. An overpriced property sells other properties as it’s used only as comparison.

What you will find is a lot of traffic (showings) but no offers, as agents will show an overpriced property to show how good a price another property is to arrive at fair market price.

Have a valuation done before hand or your sales associate will prepare a (CMA) Comparative Market Analysis showing what similar properties were sold at, and what the competition is now listed at.

Always keep in mind that Value and Worth are two different things

Value being the emotional value to you the owner

Worth is what a willing buyer is prepared to pay



Regardless of condition or age of a property, small improvements make a big difference

A touch of paint, filling out cracks, Lawns cut, trees trimmed and very important unclutter

Put away some of the stuff not needed

A typical mortgage financed transaction is usually completed between 90- 120 days

A Non Financed transaction will depend on the agreement between both buyer and seller


Costs involved in a sale

Government Transfer Tax   5%

Registration fees                0.25%

Stamp Duty                           2%

Real Estate Commission           5%

Attorneys Fees       approx.       3% plus Misc costs

16.5% GCT on Realtor’s commission and Legal fees

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